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through parts of carolina and texas. it is bringing relief to the hot temperatures we were experiencing and bringing in much needed moisture. we are in a droudght across pars of the southeast. we will take the moisture when we can get it. out west it is heating up. 92 degrees for your high temperature today. we could see upper 90s for salt lake city and phoenix. another scorcher for you 109 degrees expected high temperature this afternoon out there. so really make sure to stay safe. we have a number of excessive heat warnings for you as well. across california and also nevada due to the very hot temperatures. we already have showers and thunderstorms fired up early this morning across the carolinas also southern parts of virginia for you. it will be a slow go for you we have a heavy batch approaching the city of raleigh we can see delays over the airport. slow movers. you will need the umbrella. tennessee dealing with rainfall as well. southward along interstate 1010 you see southeastern parts of texas. also most remaining offshore south of houston. you will get in on some of the action
. clayton, listen, a texas town banning american flags at soldiers' graves. there's a big update to this one we want to tell you up next and he wants to ban your sugary drinks but apparently, new york city's mayor doesn't have a problem with hot dogs or salty language. >> good morning, everyone. happy fourth of july. look at this right here, how precious is this picture? it's a little girl with her dad just before he was set to deploy overseas. we're getting in lots of patriotic pictures. we're trying to get as many of them on air this morning. really fun to see. welcome back to "fox & friends first" on this independence day. i'm heather nauert. >> happy fourth of july. i'm heather childers. it's 31 after the top of the hour. >> time for your top five stories at 5:30 this morning. headlines making news at this hour. in a few hours, president obama and mitt romney will mark the fourth of july holiday each in their own way. romney will be in new hampshire marching in that town's independence day parade. romney will then take a break from the campaign trail this week to spend time with his fam
down against voter fraud. eric holder trying to block texas from requiring voters from having a valid state issued photo id. it's a simple way to make sure only eligible voerts vote. holder said it is unfair to hispanic voters. comes from research by a liberal agency which republicans say makes it highly questionable. holder fighting efforts to remove ineligible voters to voter's lists. >> george zimmerman is at a state house being protected by a security team. zimmerman was released friday after posting bail for the second time. since his initial arrest he received hundreds of death threats in the shooting of trayvon martin. his actions he says were in self defense. he's awaiting trial. >> hollywood mourns the loss of tv and film legend ernest borgnine. >> am i crazy? i have something good here. what am i hanging around with you guys for. >> he began acting after a 10 year career in the navy in 1955. he won an oscar for playing the love sick butcher in "marty." then switched and took on the most famous most recognized character quinton mckale in "mckale's navy." he>> you made 198 fil
johnson was put on the kennedy ticket to get texas which he won by only 40,000 votes. so now romney needs florida. if he loses florida in ohio he's done. >> i agree with that. all that makes sense on paper but it has been a very long time since we can point to an election in which the vice presidential mnominee has brought -- >> you don't think rubio could deliver florida. >> i think romney can win florida but not because of his vice presidential selection. >> we will cahear from karl rov on what states he thinks are critical to this election. >> time for you to brew on this. a lot of us have long daily commutes in order to get to work. those is spend an hour or more sacrifice this, sacrifice time with family but they refuse to sacrifice tv time. >> brown university even those with the longest commute of three hours ti three hours still managed to fit in the hour and a half of tv but only 14 minutes of exercise. so that leads us to your brew on this question of the day. if you could only choose watching tv or having family time or exercising, which one would you choose? send your comments
obama doubled down last night in texas. >> i believe in entrepreneur ship and i believe the market is the greatest system on earth to create wealth and prosperity. but just like abraham lincoln said there's some things we do better together than on our own. >> as president obama say those who start businesses succeed because of individual initiative drive hard work and creativity. there are critical actions that we must take to encourage new ones. that means we need the best infrastructure education system and affordable domestic sources of clean energy. the rnc is making fun of the president's comments now with photos like this one laughing and telling the wright brothers they didn't build their plane. mitt romney is hammering away as well. >> the idea to say that steve jobs didn't build apple, that henry ford didn't build ford motor tors, that papa john didn't build papa john pizza, that ray crock didn't build mcdonald that bill gates didn't build microsoft. you go down the list. that joe and his colleagues didn't build this enter prides. to say something like this is not only fo
rating littlefield texas and two in rhode island. another 22 have a junk bond rating from one of the ratings firms including camden, new jersey home to 80,000 people. >>> they have been getting along the last two or three years muddling through making cuts along the way. >>> even cities like chicago are on notice. shy town ratings are in april because of under funded pension plans. >> peter barns. >> the time 16 after the hour. she left her 4 kids at home to occupy wall street. the mom who flew the coupe is free as a bird. >> clayton morris is here to help speed things up. ( bell rings ) they remind me so much of my grandkids. wish i saw mine more often, but they live so far away. i've been thinking about moving in with my daughter and her family. it's been pretty tough since jack passed away. it's a good thing you had life insurance through the colonial penn program. you're right. it was affordable, and we were guaranteed acceptance. guaranteed acceptance? it means you can't be turned down because of your health. you don't have to take a physical or answer any health question
was taken into custody kicking and screaming and it gets worse from there. the plane had to leaand in texa where they were kept on the tarmac for several hours then told they would be bussed to dallas which is a 5 our drive to catch another flight. >> we went, no. no way. no way. took them 25 minutes afterwards to come back and tell us they were going to have a plane for us. >> after 43 years in this country the worst treatment i received. >> the airline decided to fly another plane. passengers arriving at 8:00 p.m. at their destinations. they were suppose he had to get there at 6 in the morning. spirit released a statement saying quote we understand this has been an inconvenience of the customers but the safety of the customers are first and foremost. they are being given full refunds for the inconvenience. >> they will be given nonstop service between houston and dallas. >> i like the lower third there you said unfriendly skies. >>> that is for sure. >> 15 after the hour. it is time to brew on this. >> estimated 500 public schools across the country offer some all boy and all girl classr
minutes after the hour and now the quick headlines. texas carrying out the first execution with one lethal drug rather than using three. that state changes their procedures after the supply of a drug expires. the man killed a 23-year-old stockbroker in 1998. >> and the annual list of the best hospitals in the united states by oceanus and for the first time, massachusetts general in boston is now ranked number one, and johns hopkins dropping to number 2 after being in the top five for two decades. and mayo in the top three and then cleveland clinic and ronald reagan ucla. >> and now look at who is talking and karl rove and charles krauthammer are talking. they are discussing the president's comments last week that if you have a business, the government helped you build it. here is charles on how this has impacted mitt romney. >> having the one thing that romney has going for him now, you watched him in that clip, and he has a spring in his step. i think obama has made the gaffe of the year when he said if you created a business you didn't build it. that phrase "you didn't build it," should
and texas. 104 in memphis, tennessee. you factor in the humidity it feels even worse. we are expecting heat index values to make it up to 115 degrees. meaning when you head out the door it will feel like 115. very dangerous conditions across arkansas louisiana. we have a number of heat advisories for today and we are expecting the heat to continue for the next couple days. heat advisories will remain into effect. 80 percent of the u.s. is abnormally dry. not much warmer across parts of the northeast. you can see the showers burning up later on today. >> oo it is 11 minutes near the top of the hour. nearly 4 decades later old glory is proudly waiving. new images from space showing those american flags planted up there on the moon they are still standing strong. >> that is fantastic. i like the symbolism. >> for many of you this morning you are probably getting ready to head out the door to go to work or school or something. there's something out there that talks about road rage it may have you steering clear of a certain sex. the results of this one are going to sur pruz you. @ñ >> welcome
. >> this texas man recovered his stolen car. it was 42 years ago. after stouring hundreds of on-line sites he found it on ebay listed under a dealer in sever beverly hills. he contacted police and got it back. study finds glass of wine a day is good for your bones. moderate drinkers are less likely to develop osteoporosis because the daily drink increases bones. >> we love those stories. >>> a weekly jobless claims data out in a few hours. it follows last week's monthly unemployment report which shows the nation's unemployment rate. cheryl casone knee has three companies hiring right now. >> we got another survey saying unemployment is going to be retracted which means it will be longer than expected at let's for the next couple years. those that are looking forward have to be very specific and targeted. adp this is a company that helps other people. adp processes pay they cans. that's the type of business that will not go away. one in 6 paychecks 2500 jobs chicago washington el paso. they have full benefits. they have an internship program. they look for kids right out of college. if you hav
the movie with his two teenage children. 51-year-old gordon's family says he was a true texas gentleman. 18-year-old alexander boik, a recent high school graduate was described as a ball of joy by friends. his girlfriend who was at the theater with him survived. everyone expected them to get married. serving alongside larimer was 29-year-old jesse
like oklahoma and kansas even into portions of texas. you will continue to see that in those who brought temperatures in the midwest. temperatures near average for this time of year. otherwise southwest this is where we are seeing extreme temperatures. we are seeing a warming trend. 100 degrees in vegas 113 in phoenix. it is drier heat but those temperatures are so dangerous some could read 124 degrees out here. we could have a heat wave in southern california and arizona. otherwise east so get out and enjoy it. >> oot mission almost seemed impossible now a little entertainment news for you. katie holmes won primary custody of her daughter. less than two weeks after filing for divorce from tom cruise. they hammered out a deal. cruise gets visitation rights. but there are restrictions on exactly what he can discuss with suri about scientology. >> julia margulies is slapped with a lawsuit by her former managers. the actress has stopped paying their fair share of her earnings. they want 420,000 dollars. so far no word from margulies. >> the best selling book 50 shades of gray to the
of houston and texas where we saw heavy rainfall producing flash flooding. fortunately for houston the activity is quiet. we are looking at generally dry weather. you could see returns of isolated storms across the west. showers and storms will continue to follow up across the four corners typical this time of the year. take a look at how hot it will get across the midwest. 98 chicago, 99 minneapolis. new york city we are making a return into the 90s as well. expecting the high to reach 93. as we head into tomorrow the heat continuing to build. great lakes in the 90s kansas city, chicago, cleveland and new york city expecting a high temperature of 94. when you factor in the community it feels even hotter heather. i want to point out it is supposed to be hot but take a look at some of these average temperatures we are going to be well above that in the coming days. >>> three quarters of the country is all red. very, very hot. we will talk with you later this morning. >>> it is 11 minutes after the hour. talking about the irony as the u.s. out sources olympic uniforms to china will r
turns it into a negative. >> texas senator kay bailey hutchinson disagrees with that point. saying she thinks romney has done a good job stating his job position. listen to this. >> i think he's done a very good job of drawing the issues about obama. examine -- and this campaign is about obama's record and the high unemployment, the overregulation and the taxes that are going on at the end of this year and the obama healthcare which is a massive overreach. i think that mitt romney has said that he is going to do some specific things and he's said on the first day, i will ask congress to repeal obamacare. we'll start all over. we'll go step by step. we'll give more access to people for affordable health care and we will keep some of the good parts but we are not going to have the high taxes on business and individuals that obamacare has. period. he's been very specific. >> the senator also saying that this campaign is about obama's record and that this country needs change. change which romney can bring. now to some stories that you can bank on today, we're talking about the june jobs
nurse at a home in texas. the exact cause of death is pending. he first played jefferson on "all in the family" before his character spun off to "the jeffersons." it went from 1985 to 95. >> lasted a long time. >>> head of the senate intelligence committee fine stein pointing the finger at the obama administration for national security leaks. but then the democratic senator back pedalling. we are live with more>> even though eric holder has appointed two attorneys to figure out who leaked this u.s. intel about our role in cyber attacks against iran and al qaeda plot to blow an airplane there still hasn't been a resolution. mitt romney said whoever spilled the beans did it to help the president politically. >> this conduct is contemptible. it be trays our national interest compromises our men and women in the field and demands a full and prompt investigation by a special council these events makes the decision we face in november all the more important. what kind of white house would reveal classified material for political gain? i tell you right now, mine will not. >>> romney's c
, david. well, paul e-mailed us from texas saying i once hid an entire forklift in plain sight. that is definite proof that people sometimes overlook the obvious places when they're looking for things. how could you have misplaced that one? thanks for everyone who responded. keep the comments coming. send the comments to us or tweet them to us at foxfriendsfirst or an e-mail to friends first at now to some other quick headlines we're following this morning. lawmakers now calling on the house to pass a bill that would require the government to purchase flags that are made in the united states. well, this is in response to a new report that discovered that more than $3.3 million was spent on american flags that were actually made in china. how about that? well, this guy is the top hot dog. listen to this. look at him right there. california native joey "jaws" chestnut winning his sixth straight nathan's hot dog eating contest on coney island. he tied his personal best with 68 hot dogs in 10 minutes. his prize -- $10,000. it is now 5 minutes before the hour and a quic
Search Results 0 to 28 of about 29 (some duplicates have been removed)